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Candle Man news- mysteries disrespected

An air of mystery over the Candle Man and his activities is all well and good, but now is the time to actually reveal a few bits of news:

There will be a Candle Man event, featuring slides of Candle Man artwork, scenes of olde London, creepy graveyards and other  sources of inspiration at the Bristol Comic Con, on Saturday 22nd May, at 2pm in the Mercure Bristol Holland House Hotel. This event will be shared with fellow Egmont author and comics artist, Garen Ewing, revealing all about his new Rainbow Orchid book. There will also be Q and A with the authors!

Let’s face it, with 2 of us there, there is a fair chance that ONE of us will get the power point slide show working!

Then, at the Hay festival, 2.30 pm on Monday 31st May, there will be another event: Secrets, Smog and Steampunk, hosted by Daniel Hahn and also featuring Ian Beck, author of Pastworld. Venue: Elmely Foundation Dream Stage. This is a chance to hear some intriguing whispers about the shadowy world of gothic adventure writing.

I am hopeful about the Hay festival, I mean with so many authors, bookshops and media people there, it MUST have good coffee shops! I am looking forward to taking my son to hear about YUCK and possibly stumbling across Dr Who locations here and there.

In other news, I was delighted to hear last week that in the USA, Candle Man has been picked up by the Scholastic Book Club, and will be included in its clubs and fairs, going into schools all across the states later this year. This really opens up a new audience for the story, and hopefully will make it harder for the Terrible Taxidermist to wreak his havoc across the nation.

Another exciting development is that Candle Man has already made the Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network list of recommended reading, a list which is now being accepted nationally. I first stumbled across Lord of the Rings in a school library and there is something about uncovering other realms while within the walls of your own school which is both astonishing and delightful. The secret garden of knowledge, hidden behind deceptive walls of familiarity. Or something.

Back to Candle Man 2 now, which is beginning to shape like a sprightly smoglodyte regenerating himself out of a stinky ash cloud.

See you in the Condemned cemetery…


About Glenn Dakin

Glenn Dakin is a writer, cartoonist and editor. He is author of the Candle Man series of fantasy novels for Egmont. His best-known comics are Abe - an autobiographical strip (Top Shelf);Temptation (Penguin Books and Active Images); Spider-Man heroes and Villains (Eaglemoss);the Rockpool Files (With Phil Elliott, Slave Labor/Marvel UK); Robot Crusoe (Funday TImes); Plasmer (Marvel UK); Clan Destine (Marvel USA).

2 responses to “Candle Man news- mysteries disrespected

  1. Ian Beck

    Dear Glenn, Good news on all fronts, I am looking forward to our Hay event, how are you intending to play it? Will you show any powerpointy type things? I intend to show the book trailer for Pastworld, and I do have related images on Powerpoint. On the other hand it is a moderated discussion so maybe just a read take turns and and talk?
    we ought to exchange some ideas by e mail perhaps?
    All Best

    • Good to hear from you Ian – looking forward to Hay. Did you get my email? I just finished Pastworld and loved it – especially the dodgy spiritualists who deserve a book on their own!

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