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Competition winners in Brownie meltdown

The competition is now closed. Time to announce the winners, and the entries gave me quite a laugh, I can tell you. Congratulations to the following winners! Gina Reba, Rebecca Ritchie-Yates, Simon Sims, Sven Wilson and Carmen Wing. You will each receive a UK edition of Candle Man! The books are being posted this week.

I would like to point out that the meltings don’t necessarily represent the views of the author!

Most entrants approached the contest in the spirit of fun that I had hoped for. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown received the most votes for being melted! Sorry, Gordon. If you do lose your job, maybe you should market the delicious ‘Gordon Brownie’ as sold at the Boating Lake tea rooms in Southwold. Simon Sims was the first entrant to lead that trend of votes.  Other winners were chosen for variety and imagination – some preferring to choose a super power.

Gina opted for the power to manipulate time. I loved the idea that this was good for ‘redos’. Rebecca would like to make people hallucinate, and possibly melt Stephenie Meyer, the creator of the Twilight series. Sven made me laugh with his gross idea that he would like gecko powers, to grow extra limbs which could be good in emergencies or possibly as a snack! Carmen Wing wanted to melt Alan Titchmarsh and Cliff Richard!

Personally, I have Summer Holiday on my ipod.

Luckily, this is all in fun. As readers of Candle Man will see, melting people can lead to all kinds of far-reaching consequences, some of them involving giant rats, smoglodytes, and a mysterious man called the Dodo!

Other Candle Man news is that I am invited to various festivals to talk about my book, including the Bristol Comic Convention: 21-23rd May, Hay Festival, on May 31st, then up at the Edinburgh festival  on August 22-23rd! More details to come!

I hope the winners enjoy their books…



About Glenn Dakin

Glenn Dakin is a writer, cartoonist and editor. He is author of the Candle Man series of fantasy novels for Egmont. His best-known comics are Abe - an autobiographical strip (Top Shelf);Temptation (Penguin Books and Active Images); Spider-Man heroes and Villains (Eaglemoss);the Rockpool Files (With Phil Elliott, Slave Labor/Marvel UK); Robot Crusoe (Funday TImes); Plasmer (Marvel UK); Clan Destine (Marvel USA).

3 responses to “Competition winners in Brownie meltdown

  1. Rebecca

    You’re coming to conventions, eh?
    Have you considered the London MCM Expo? I’ve thought about suggesting you on their forums…

  2. Carmen

    Thaks for my book – it’s sitting beckoning me on my pile, next to be read. can’t wait to dive in! Summer Holiday on your iPod? *shudders*

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